How To Use A Greenworks Electric Cord Lawn Mower

How To Use A Greenworks Electric Cord Lawn Mower

How To Use A Greenworks Electric Cord Lawn Mower: Lawn mowers are machines that are used to cut the grass in the lawn and maintain an even surface with leveled height of the grass. Greenwork tools are the best manufacturers of such equipment’s and they provide all powerful and durable products. One such product of theirs is the Electric Corded Lawn mower.

How To Use A Greenworks Electric Cord Lawn Mower


It has a robust motor engine that delivers enough power to cut through the toughest grass. These are available in cordless models as well. When the lawn size is small or if the usage of the equipment is lesser, you can use the cordless one. Because these are limited to an average run time of 60 – 90 minutes, after which the battery should be charged for usage.


But the corded ones are more effective. They can be plugged in and using the extension cord it can be used for long hours with no interruption.

Cutting Decks –

These are also available in different sizes of steel cutting decks in built in the machine. Depending upon the size of the lawn, you can select the size the machines as 14 inches or 20 inches and so on. Also, these machines are designed to handle any kind of grass.

Wheels –

Durable large front and rear wheels are present for easy handling. These machines also have the feature that provides mulching and rear discharge capabilities. By doing this, you can prevent excessive evaporation or erosion. Now that you got an overview on the Greenworks electric lawn mower, lets see on how to use it.

Operating method:

  • Before you start using the lawn mower, you must have a check on the moisture of the grass. Mostly dry grass is preferred to mow because, it is easier and more effective to handle dried ones than the damp ones. Also, you are going to use electric equipment’s by plugging in them and using extension cords to move back and forth in the lawn. It is always good to take preventive measures.
  • The cord length should be quite longer, so that it can enable you to cover the entire area of the lawn. At the same time, you must handle them with care so that it doesn’t get tangled or run over the wheels when you move forward from the plug in. You must be very keen in picking the cord extension with the specific gauge for the respective length. Opting for the right one, will help the motor in effectively rendering its power.
  • There is a lever to control the height of the mower according to the lawn landscape and grass height. So, after you are done plugging in the cord and adjusting the height, you must just press the power button to get started.
  • After the machine starts, you must move forward, change the direction by holding the bar in the desired side and trace backwards if required to make sure all the over grown grass is leveled equally.
  • After the cleanup is completed, you can remove the bagging and discard all the collected waste. Unplug the cords and leave the machine aside until next usage.

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