Greenworks 20-Inch 40v Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 20-Inch 40v Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 20-Inch 40v Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower: So your lawn is overwrought with grass yet again. You want to mow it all, but the mower you have gives you an infinite amount of trouble.

Well, you don’t have to give up on your dreams of a trimmed backyard just yet!

Greenworks 20-Inch 40v Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks may just have the one product that will change your mowing experience for good. But before we get into that, let’s first establish some of the basic qualities that you should always look for when purchasing a lawn mower.

Buyer’s Guide – What to look for in a lawn mower?

  • Performance – First and foremost, you will need a lawn mower that suits the size of your lawn. The amount of engine power required shall depend on how much work the mower needs to do on the lawn itself.
  • Comfort – If you want to choose a walk-behind lawn mower, you should ensure that it is easy to manoeuver and carry. You would not want to invest in a lawn mower that tires you out completely when you push it around.
  • Fuel – Usually, mowers run on oil or gas that needs to be recharged manually and quite frequently. You can either invest in this classic variation of the mower, or you can opt for a cordless variant, like the Greenworks g-max 40v twin force cordless lawn mower. Cordless lawn mowers make practically no noise at all, so you can get the job done in complete silence.
  • Drive system – The drive system of your lawn should largely depend on the type and terrain of your lawn. If you have a flatter type of lawn, then you should be fine with a push-type lawn On the other hand, an uneven terrain, hilly or large yards would require a self-propelled mower, which is a mower that pushes itself. This would ensure you don’t tire out while pushing the mower on your larger than usual lawn.
  • Mulching system – You would only need a mulching system in your mower if you decide to mulch your grass at all. An aluminum or composite deck on the underside will prevent a build-up of grass. If the mower has a bag that stores the leaves, always make sure that the bag is easy to remove and install.
  • Cutting system – Make sure that the height of your cutting system can be adjusted easily. If possible, check the levers of the mower before you purchase smooth functioning later.

Greenworks 20-Inch 40v Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Mowing lawns is easier than ever with this heavy-duty machine! The Greenworks 25302 g-max 20-inch cordless lawn mower has been an Amazon bestseller for quite some time and has certainly delivered an excellent performance. This product combines all the aspects of the perfect lawn mower- long battery life, lightweight, and effective cutting abilities to create this perfect specimen. For the price point it comes at, this machine will not disappoint you.

Equipped with a long lasting battery life and fine precision blades, this mower helps keep your garden looking nice and tidy. It is quite lightweight, which makes it easy to bring around tight spaces and corners. You will be able to reach every single nook and cranny, courtesy of this lawn mower.

Let’s take a closer look at the product specifications of this Greenworks lawn mower to learn exactly what it has to offer.

Product Specifications:

The Greenworks 20-inch 40v twin force cordless lawn mower has the following specs:

  • A lithium-ion battery that provides a running time of 60 minutes. The battery can power multiple tools for a complete yard-keeping system. It has one 4Ampere hour battery and a 2 Ampere hour battery, accompanied by a charger. Voltage: 40 V.
  • The 20-inch cutting deck is easy to handle and bring around the yard, especially in areas that are slightly smaller in size. It also provides a neat and close cut.
  • The front wheels have a diameter of 7 inches, while the rear wheels have 10 inches.
  • The mower comes with a smart cut technology, which means that it adjusts the run-time and the power consumption based on how thick the grass in your lawn is.
  • It has a dual blade technology which allows for a closer trim. It has a 5-position single lever height adjuster that provides a cutting height range of 4 cms to 8.5 cms.
  • Excellent bagging and mulching capabilities.
  • It weighs 42.5 lbs and has a push-button start.


Now that you know what the Greenworks 25302 20-inch cordless lawn mower has to offer, here are some of the USPs of this product.

  • Probably one of the biggest plus points of this mower is that it is battery operated. This means that you won’t need to refill its oil or gas tanks, and there’s no smoke. Considering how troublesome gas lawn mowers can be, this battery-operated mower is a steal for sure.
  • It is practically noiseless and does not vibrate as much. It does its job in complete silence, so you will definitely not be needing any ear protection while working with this product.
  • The attachments that come with the mower are lightweight and easy to assemble. They are also easy to clean and store when their job is done.
  • The push start button lends the mower the ability to start and stop immediately, which may come in handy when you would want to face the blower in a different direction.
  • The Greenworks 20-inch cordless lawn mower also has an edging feature, which is quite unique.
  • The long battery life of the product makes it easier for you to finish trimming your lawn in a single go.
  • Greenworks 20-inch 40v cordless lawn mower is much lighter than a gas mower and does not come with interfering cords that may snag and snap at any time.
  • The customer service option is very efficient and ready to help at any opportune moment.


  • If the grass in your lawn is too long or too thick, you may have to charge this lawn mower more than once before you finish the whole lawn. Of course, this depends on the size of your lawn- for smaller lawns that normally do not use up the entirety of your battery strength, you may not have to recharge at all.
  • It may not be as efficient at mowing down plants that grow in your backyard.

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Overall, the Greenworks g-max 40v twin force cordless lawn mower is highly recommended for those who are looking for an alternative to their cumbersome gas mowers. It is super convenient to maneuver and handle and provides a long term battery life for mowing medium to large sized lawns. It’s surely worth the money you pay for it!

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